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Brisbane-based actor, voice artist, model and martial artist

Originally from Brisbane’s ‘Bayside’, Peter spent a large part of his youth traveling and working on farms with his family. In 1986 the family moved to Bundaberg where Peter continued to work as a farm labourer for many years. In future years he worked in a number of industries including transport, farming, administration, finance, academia, economics, financial planning, accounting and sugar laboratories. He also worked as a Personal Trainer at some local gyms until 2015 when he formed his own business, Prostyle Health & Fitness with his then wife, Jennifer. Peter also completed a Bachelor of Financial Planning in 2012 and holds several certificate-level qualifications.
Some favourite hobbies include training at gyms, fishing, boating, bushwalking, Taekwondo (ITF and Kukkiwon Styles), Khor Tai Chi, four wheel driving, playing tourist and watching Australian-made webseries. The four wheel driving, fishing and boating bugs all come from Peters Dad, Phil. As an ex RAEME soldier, Phil was very keen on outdoor pursuits. As a boy Peter would dream of joining the Leyland Brothers, Alby Mangels and Malcolm Douglas on various expeditions and adventures. Perhaps Peter’s greatest interest is in Land Rovers.
Martial Arts training began in Bundaberg just prior to Peter’s sixteenth birthday. Having now trained under dozens of Masters in various martial arts including Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Karate and Hapkido, he is a very versatile and adept exponent who can easily adapt to a situation.
At the 1988 World Expo ’88 Peter saw some very fit and capable people performing and when he asked what they did for work and they said they were Personal Trainers. Returning from the Expo he immediately traveled to Canberra for AIS training and has continued training and working in the fitness industry ever since.
In October 2016 Peter moved to Brisbane after 30 years of calling Bundaberg home, to pursue a more fulfilling life. He lives in a northern suburb with his partner and daughter and works as a Traffic Controller.
Though currently seeking the right representation for acting and modeling roles, Peter is self-representing and may be contacted via his StarNow, or social media pages while some of his work is noted on his IMDB page.


Gay and Loathing in Bris Vegas

During 2018 I have enjoyed working on a number of short films and web series, including one amazing web series, Gay and Loathing in Bris Vegas. Gay and Loathing in Bris Vegas is 14 part webseries about being gay & bored in Australia’s third largest city, Brisbane.

Gay & Loathing in Bris Vegas drops into the lives of seven gay men over one weekend as they struggle to work out whether it’s the city that is boring or just them.

Due for release in early 2019, this is going to be one brilliantly funny production.

The Wheelchair Warrior

Due soon for release is the very funny, The Wheelchair Warrior.

This is a web-TV series about the adventures of a wheelchair bound martial arts master © Eutopian Productions 2019.

In this series I play the role of Dan, who is not too bright, thinks he's great with the ladies, thinks he can dance and thinks, well, not a whole lot more.