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So September was a busy month with several trips around Southeast Queensland. From job interviews to acting and modeling sets, auditions and costuming plus catching up with mates and relies it really was a hectic month.

Job interviews were plentiful, although unsuccessful in September. The photo above was taken on way to one interview and was a bit of an accidental shot. There sure are a lot of jobs going on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, but the competition if fierce. Never mind, I’ll get there eventually.

With a couple of weeks on set of a confidential feature film set to be released late next year I enjoyed some contiguous work on set. While the work was truncated far earlier than I had been booked for it was a brilliant experience and not only was I working in the background, but managed to do some basic stand-in work too. The stand-in work was quite exciting and with the 3rd AD being so brilliant (patience of a plaster saint I tell ya, very cool and collected bloke) plus the rest of the guys standing-in being so great it was an unforgettable experience (and who we were standing-in for were so cool too).

Not much modeling in September as I had that fortnight on set of the feature film, but I did do some TFP stuff, though so far no photos are forthcoming, which is a bit disappointing. I really enjoy TFP shoots as often I can do what I want, be what I want and can even dictate (er, I mean, strongly suggest) a location and theme. Normally I get one or two nice shots to keep, albeit with the photographer’s signature somewhere on the picture.

One weekend in the middle of the month I enjoyed spending a morning with up and coming director, Craig Shearer on one of his projects. It was only a small part, but I enjoyed it immensely and got to see some brilliant talent at work. The day before I spent at a Miss Jane Casting workshop. It was a lot more than I expected with Phillip Jones taking us through quite an intense day or training. Phillip is so patient and knowledgeable; I really look forward to doing more training under his tutelage.

Mid the following week I took a day off set on the feature film to play the role of Farmer on a short film by Chris Nance. It was a last-minute role, which I was very excited to take on. I loved the morning session as I got to drive a tractor up and down, which took me back to my days of farm work. The afternoon saw us move locations and the fun began. Everyone was so great. The PA’s were fantastic (and, oh, crepes for brekky and curry and rice for lunch, yum!), the sound guy magnificent and the DOP did such a brilliant job and just seemed to know how to get the best everything. The AD really knew how to bring the best out of everyone. Chris’s choices for actors were absolutely brilliant and great to get along with. Yep, that was a great day and I truly hope to work with them again on new projects.

As I said earlier the work I was booked for on the feature film was cut off quite suddenly when production priorities changed. All good, I have enjoyed coming back home to Bundy and spending time with Jenny and seeing a few mates. The quiet days at home have allowed me to start revisiting two webseries concepts and to start writing a story based on a short story I wrote back in high school; more of them coming in later blogs.

Coming up in October is a bit more of the same, with a couple of auditions and job interviews lined up. Looks like I will be having a crack at Ubering too, possibly starting in the middle of the month. I’ll wait and see how that goes, no guarantees it will suit me, but at least it will provide flexible working days and hours.

Well that’s about it for now. If you want to catch up some time or have something to chat about, just email me, jump onto my Facebook page or give me a call. I’d love to hear from you. Ciao.