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As a last minute role, I quite enjoyed this one. Starting off in the ‘office’, having issues with my work my character was very distracted by wanting to get to his daughter’s birthday party. Like any good dad, he decided in the end it was more important to go to the party than finish the work.

Once home my character took some time to watch a bit of sport before guests began arriving, including his daughter’s ‘crush’.

The effort for this role was made easier by the competence of the crew. They were all so great and I really appreciated their patience for the times I was a bit unsure of what they wanted. When someone can pick your personality, work with it and really get you to be the character they seek, that’s a rare and great talent.

I enjoyed the scenery too as it is not every day I get to go into office towers or head out to other terrific locations. Sometimes it is actually the scenery that I remember most about a shoot; though this whole project was memorable.

Many thanks to Matthew Winkler and the UQ students for the brilliant opportunity to work with them.